What happened on Friday the 12th? All the celebrities who finished: Jlo and Arod, Karol G and Anuel AA and Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas

Surely you have noticed that some names of celebrities such as Jlo and Arod, in addition to Karol G and Anuel AA, as well as Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas have been a trend, that’s why we tell you what happened this Friday, March 12.

And, although it is not Friday the 13th, everything seems to indicate that the famous couples were not lucky in love.

To top it off, a year ago that isolation due to the coronavirus began in various parts of the world, so it is worth wondering if it is a work of karma.

If you miss what happened, we tell you here:

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez: Although it seemed like they had a perfect relationship, this afternoon Page Six reported that they reached a breakup.

The last time the couple were seen together was last month, when the actress traveled to shoot her latest movie. Shotgun wedding.

Review all the details of their breakup here.

Karol G and Anuel AA: After months of rumors of a separation, which began at the end of last year, a television program confirmed that the urban interpreters ended their relationship.

One of the signs of their breakup was when Anuel AA stopped following the interpreter of Bichota.

Check here all the details of the outcome of this relationship.

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas: Through her Instagram account, the model and Spanish television presenter shared with her more than 2 million followers her break with the former footballer.

Today our love as a couple takes different but not distant paths since we will continue together in the wonderful task of continuing to be dedicated parents as we have done so far, “Sara wrote on her Instagram.

Do you think there is some kind of curse on this day or did it simply come early on Friday the 13th or why do you think that Jlo and Arod, Karol G and Anuel AA, in addition to Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas ended their relationships?

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