“We live in a society …”, the phrase of the Joker that impacted on Snyder Cut

The third trailer for Justice League: Snyder Cut and along with the avalanche of emotions generated by the scenes and the appearance of Joker by Jared Leto, the phrase “We live in a society” of this character shocked everyone.

And it is that at the end of the advance, the Joker appears, who has a kind of vest as a straitjacket, where is batman headed and says “We live in a society where honor is a distant memory”, being the first part of this sentence the one that caused a stir in the fans.

This is because that phrase became a meme since the Joker of Heath ledger in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight. This immediately became a kind of scream from the netizens, creating endless memes with it.

There is even a page in Spanish Demotivations where did another call come from Sir Sarcasm; which makes images with images of the Joker and phrases that he never said, ranging from criticism, to overcoming and on several occasions he has used the phrase; “We live in a society”, which is the first time the character says.

That is why in addition to the advances of the long-awaited film that hitting HBO Max on March 18; the Snyder Cut trailer caused a stir with the appearance of the phrase that has become famous in both English and Spanish.

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