Watch the teaser for ‘Vivo’, a film starring Lin-Manuel Miranda

Netflix wants to take all the applause in 2021, In addition to claiming itself as the platform with the largest number of video streaming users in the world, that is why it is committed to high-quality content.

Netflix: See the new teaser for ‘Vivo’, the film starring Lin-Manuel Miranda

Now, the company worked on a new content called “Vivo”, an animation film featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of the most important men in the entertainment industry today.

Remember that Lin-Manuel Miranda He has been Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer and even Grammy winner, thanks to his participation in productions such as Hamilton, Mary Poppins Returns, In The Heights and other titles, so it is not an improvisation at all.

That is why Netflix decided to team up with Lin-Manuel Miranda to film “Vivo” and it will be available between May and August on the platform, as it was announced in a statement.

Thus, Netflix revealed the first teaser for this movie and it looks amazing and the plot centers on Vivo, a kinkajou (honey bear) from the jungle.

A plot that will leave us all speechless

Despite “Alive” (Miranda lends her voice for the character) It is an animal that lives with a trainer, it has a very important mission, to find its way from Havana to Miami to deliver a song on behalf of its beloved owner and mentor, Andrés.

“Vivo” is directed by Kirk DeMicco and features original songs by Miranda, the pop group that has millions of followers in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

Big stars take part in the new Netflix film, “Vivo”

In the voices there is pure star of great quality like Gloria Estefan, Ynairaly Simo, Zoe Saldana, Leslie David Baker, Michael Rooker, Brian Tyree Henry, Nicole Byer, Katie Lowes and many more.

Even if “Vivo” still does not have an official release date, is expected to be available for the summer. Without more to say, here is the official teaser:

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