Watch the new trailer for ‘The Bad Batch’, a new Disney + series

The Streaming service, Disney + wants to explode the world of Star Wars to the maximum, since George Lucas sold the franchise to the world of Mickey Mouse, the production company has been working on different content.

It is for that reason that last December, Disney had announced at least 10 titles which will be available for release in the coming months, beyond the hit “The Mandalorian.”

Star Wars: See the new trailer for ‘The Bad Batch’, the new Disney + series

The first of these 10 series mentioned to come out will be “The Bad Batch”, which is programmed to May 4 And today, Disney released a new trailer where previews of its story, characters and plot to be developed are given.

“The Bad Batch” is an animated series made by those in charge of the successful “The Clone Wars, in addition, the protagonists of” The Bad Batch “have something to do with the last season of the first mentioned series.

Who are the protagonists of ‘The Bad Batch’?

In The Bad Batch”, The unusual team of Clone Troopers, officially called Clone Force 99, returns to an adventure where the Rebellion fights the Empire and everything happens right after “Revenge Of The Sith”.

In the trailer, we get a look at the troop and it shows us who the members are: Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair.

Without further ado for the moment, we leave you the trailer of “The Bad Batch” and we already want May to arrive to enjoy this new content from the Star Wars universe:

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