Watch Pat Sajak accidentally solve a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ puzzle out loud without the contestant noticing

Whoops! Even an experienced professional like Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak slips in every now and then. On a recent episode of the iconic game show, the 74-year-old host accidentally gave a contestant too good a clue.

“Well, I’d rather be here than there, frankly,” Sajak said, as the contestant, Jeffrey, looked at the puzzle.

After Jeffrey couldn’t properly name the phrase, Sajak’s co-host Vanna White called him out on paper.

“Did you hear what you said?” White, 64, asked Sajak.

“I did, right after I said it,” Sajak admitted. “I wonder how many people at home got it.”

Jeffrey’s phrase had ended up being “frankly”, and Sajak had directly said the answer out loud as the contestant tried to guess.

“It shows that people are concentrating and not paying attention to me,” shared Sajak. “It’s funny what your mouth will say when your brain says you shouldn’t do that.”

Longtime co-hosts opened up to ET in January about the lasting legacy of their late friend Alex Trebek. Watch the exclusive interview below to learn more:


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