Watch out! The Silhouette Challenge can be dangerous, they warn

The latest TikTok challenge, Silhouette Challenge, can be dangerous for people, they warn. The challenge in which thousands of people (men and women) have shown his silhouette under a red filter has become a danger. Why? According to reports from Buzzfeed, dozens of videos have emerged on YouTube showing how to remove the red filter and reveal the bodies of people who upload your videos.

The trend that started as a form of empowerment for women, men and couples has now turned into something that can be dangerous. Thousands of people who wanted to look sexy and proud of their body, now they fear their privacy will be invaded.

the Silhouette Challenge can be dangerous
Image: Twitter @ B1NKYBRAVO

How has the Silhouette Challenge become a hazard?

Sadly some people have found a way to turn a sensual trend into a invasion of privacy. Hackers have found a way to remove the red filter and reveal the natural photo.

But it’s not all, too They have uploaded tutorials to YouTube to teach other people the tricks to do it. Using specific software and editing applications you can change the contrast and color of the video in a way that reveals their natural bodies. The danger is that many challenge participants wear very little clothing, lingerie, or undress.


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There are now many videos on YouTube instructing people to use editing software or applications to change the contrast and color in a way that reduces the silhouette effect. The aim of the edition is to reveal the bodies of people

Instructions for doing this hack were also shared on Twitter and Reddit. A Reddit community for posting edited videos, called SilhouetteUnfiltered, has already been banned. In addition, at least two Twitter accounts that are dedicated to editing TikToks were suspended.

How to protect your videos on TikTok?

If you are thinking of posting a Silhouette Challenge on TikTok, be sure to think twice, given the caveats. If you decide to do it, She wears clothes during the part of the video where the silhouette is shown. This way you can protect the video from hackers.

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