Waitress rejects Adam Sandler at an IHOP and goes viral on TikTok

Despite being one of the most famous actors and producers in the world, a waitress did not recognize Adam Sandler at an IHOP, so he “rejected” him and he went viral on TikTok.

Of course, it is not anyone’s responsibility to recognize any famous person, but the event became funny after the same waitress published the video.

And it is that, the moment, was recorded in a video of the security cameras of the place, which showed how the waitress “rejected” him and the actor from A fake wife, Grown Ups Y Click had to leave the place.

Not realizing that it was Adam Sandler and telling him that he had to wait half an hour and he leaves because he is not going to wait half an hour for an IHOP, ”he wrote in the video.

The material already has almost 10 million views and more than 2.1 million likes.

Something that must be clarified is that the waitress who rejected Adam Sandler from the IHOP in the video that went viral on TikTok, clearly did not recognize him, well the actor was wearing his mask.

It wasn’t until later, watching the security cameras, that she realized she had turned down one of the most famous actors.

Although the young woman did not specify where the incident happened, In her social networks, she specifies that she lives in New York.

Please come back, ”user Dayanna Rodas wrote in the video for Adam Sandler.

@ dayanna.rodas

Pleaseee come back ## comedy ## fyp ## foryou ##viral ##Adam Sandler

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