Vlogger James Charles shaves his head and is compared to Jeff Bezos

James Charles, beauty vlogger, has surprised everyone again. The YouTube star began to be trend on social media on Friday when he shared photos of himself with his head shaved.

Charles, known for experimenting with his hair, decided to do something radical and shared it on his social media. In his Instagram stories, he posted a selfie in which he covered his head with red line effects and said to his 26.8 million followers: “Wait to see what I did to my hair friends.”

Vlogger James Charles shaves his head
Image: Instagram @jamescharles

In the following image he was shown dressed in black with a matching face mask, getting out of a car. But something was different in his image: he was Completely bald!

Vlogger James Charles shaves his head
Image: Instagram @jamescharles

James Charles shaved his head “to try something new”

In a video, circulating online, Charles told a paparazzi outside a restaurant in Los Angeles why he shaved his head. “I was just trying something new.”

But many people do not believe that he has shaved and have said that they believe that it is only a temporary special effect.

Some people couldn’t resist and made it the newest meme of 2021. With his new look, Charles, he was compared to Jeff Bezos, X-Men, Caillou, Gru and even a boiled egg.

One user tweeted a split image of Charles and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos along with the caption: “BREAKING: James Charles will play Jeff Bezos in a new biopic. It is expected to hit streaming platforms this summer. “

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