Vicente Fernández celebrates his birthday by previewing a new song

To celebrate his 81st birthday, the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández decided to perform a song for his millions of followers and, according to what he said, it is a new song.

Through a video on Instagram, the Mexican regional interpreter uploaded a video to celebrate his anniversary and said that the topic is about to come out:

A bit of a song that will come out soon, “he said in the short video.

Here we leave you the video of Vicente Fernández singing his new song to celebrate his 81st birthday and of which he did not reveal more details, such as the release date or the name it will have.

In addition, the Charro de Huentitán family also celebrated the singer, through their Instagram accounts, for example, his granddaughter, Camila Fernández, dedicated a publication to him.

The image, in which Vicente Fernández appears, along with other members of his family, was accompanied by a tender message written by Alejandro Fernández’s daughter:

Happy birthday to everyone’s teacher. That you fulfill many more, always this good and be eternal, I love you very much ”.

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