Vanessa Bryant reacts to rapper Meek Mill’s verse about Kobe’s death

Recently the lyrics of a song by rapper Meek Mill, in which he talks about the death of Kobe Bryant, were leaked, so Vanessa Bryant, the player’s widow, reacted to the verse.

The lyrics say: “And, if I need it”, I will go with my helicopter, it will be another Kobe “.

Through her Instagram account, Vanessa expressed her anger with the 33-year-old rapper, as Bryant died in a helicopter accident.

Dear Meek Mill, I find this verse extremely insensitive and disrespectful. Point. I don’t know your music, but I think you can do better. If you’re a fan that’s fine, but there are better ways to show your admiration to my husband. What a lack of respect and tact, ”wrote Vanessa.

Quickly the rapper published “I’m going to take revenge in the wild with this shit … fuck with your feelings”, so many thought that it was a hint for Kobe Bryant’s widow.

However, recently, through his Twitter account, the rapper pointed out that he already apologized to Vanessa in private.

I already apologized to her privately, not to the public. Nothing I say on my page is directed at a viral internet moment or a grieving woman! If you care about someone who’s in trouble, change the subject, ”Meek Mill said of her discussion with Vanessa Bryant.

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