Tyler Cameron admits he was’ a bit surprised ‘by bachelor Matt James’ willingness to propose

Tyler Cameron is still reeling from the admission of Bachelor’s Matt James proposal. the Bachelorette party alum made an appearance on Monday’s episode of The Bachelor to offer a little advice to his best friend and, as revealed on Tuesday Good morning america, was surprised by the willingness of his friend to ask the question.

“I was a bit surprised that he said that,” Tyler said. GMA, after Matt confessed on Monday’s episode that he sees himself kneeling at the end of his season. “I think he has high hopes. I think he has a group of girls that he believes in.”

Knowing his friend’s engagement intentions was just one of the many reasons Tyler was happy to appear in the episode.

“It was good to go see him, unpack what he’s been going through and hear what he’s been going through in his entire experience thus far,” Tyler said.

Being single, Tyler shared, was an honor Matt took seriously.

“He wanted to be the perfect bachelor. He tried to do everything right, say everything right. You can’t be yourself if you go through it that way. You just have to be you and do it,” Tyler said. “I was glad to see that he was doing that.”

As for how the season will end, Tyler teased that “a lot of excitement” is on the way.

“I think you’ll see a real raw Matt,” he said. “I think you will see a happy ending, love and all the good things that come with it.”

Tyler and Matt met in college and have been close friends ever since. They are also roommates, after moving together to a location in New York City in 2019. It was Tyler’s later mother, Andrea, who nominated Matt for the Single franchise, after seeing what he did for Tyler, who appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of High school.

Things didn’t work out between Hannah and Tyler, but in an interview with ET last week, Matt said the former couple are happy for each other and their new romances.

“He’s a good guy,” Matt said of Hannah’s rumored new boyfriend, Adam Woolard. “And I’m excited for Hannah and Tyler [Cameron] because I think people can see that they can coexist. They can be happy with people who are not Tyler and Hannah. ”

“I think this will allow their friendship to flourish, and they are both growing and they are both in really good places,” added Matt.

Tyler, who has been linked to model Camila Kendra lately, did not discuss his affair with Hannah while he was in GMA.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET / PT on ABC. See more in the video below.


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