Tron will be part of the video game and here we give you the details

The world of Fornite continues to expand in the gamer world, each time, a large number of brands, series and characters join this Battle Royale, which has millions of followers and players that join every day.

Fornite: Tron will be part of the video game and here we give you the details

And this is why in the last days, cThe rumor began to circulate that the Tron franchise will come to Fornite, this, to expand its impact and market in the taste of gamers who frequent the video game.

It is not yet known which character will be the one to make an appearance, but before that, other characters like Green Arrow, Kratos and even Wolverine have become part of the video game most famous in the world.

A Teaser that reveals a new story

Today the officer account of videogame Epic Games shared a small teaser that began to raise suspicions.

In this preview, a transmission is heard where a subject indicates that he found an old computer on which he begins to type and investigates how it works or how they can take advantage of it.

In the end, this mysterious man seems to be absorbed by a kind of laser beam just like with Kevin Flynn in the original 1982 film, but there are fans who deduce this signal as the appearance of a Tron character.

Data Miners Share Never-Before-Seen Images From Fornite

Some data miners also shared images of what appears to be the portal where the character of Tron will make its appearance in Fornite, something that seems to be the clearest sign that it will be part of the Battle Royale.

The shared file is called Mainfraim Portal and the visualization bears a very great similarity to The Grid, the virtual reality seen in Tron: Legacy.

Given this, the Miners deduce that there could be not one, but two, the characters of Tron in Fornite, so the only thing left is to wait for Epic Games give us more signs of life from these characters.

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