Trishelle Cannatella talks about returning to reality TV on ‘the Challenge: All Stars’ (exclusive)

Trishelle Cannatella is as feisty as ever. The reality star spoke to ET about his return to television in the upcoming season of The challenge: all stars, and while it’s been 10 years since fans saw her, Cannatella says she hasn’t lost her edge.

“I mean I’ve calmed down a bit, but if you look at the challenge, you’ll see that I’m still a bit of a fighter. I think I’ve changed in the fact that you won’t see me hooking up with people on TV because I’m married and I love my husband. but I’m still the same person. I’m still wild, “shares Cannatella. “I still have a fighting personality. I have a good time. So I wouldn’t say that much has changed. I haven’t lost my edge with my age.”

While this season features some more seasoned cast members, it is not totally devoid of drama. If anything, Cannatella said this season “overshadows” other challenges with younger casts.

“There are people who are in the new program who are in their fifties, but that does not mean that they are not so athletic or dramatic or anything like that,” reveals the professional poker player. “I mean, I think even more, because it’s been so long and maybe they’re bored at home with their married lives and their kids. And then they came to the Challenge and we said, ‘I’m going to drop everything.’

Cannatella had her own drama, particularly with Challenge veterinarian Aneesa Ferreira, with whom she had a fight in The Challenge: Rivals II. The pair finally clash for an in-person conversation after their epic altercation.

“That was something where my stomach was in a pit when I found out that she was going to be there because I was like, wow, this is going to be a real face-to-face conversation that we’re going to have, Cannatella confesses.” And then I knew what was going to happen. I knew it was something I didn’t want to hide from, and couldn’t hide from. So we have that discussion and I hope they show it. I’d say be careful with that. “

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