Trailer of Allen V. Farrow, documentary that talks about the abuse of Woody Allen

Those who have seen some content of Woody Allen have two positions, They either love it or hate it, there are no half measures for the work of this filmmaker who has kept his life full of controversy and triumphs in the seventh art.

One of the most notorious cases in the life of Woody Allen is the relationship he had with Mia Farrow, marriage that lasted until 1992 and that was a real storm for both in their lives.

Watch the trailer for Allen V. Farrow, a documentary about the abuses of Woody Allen

The separation occurred because Woody Allen decided to start a relationship with Soon-Yi Previn (Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter), with whom he maintains a love relationship to date, that is, he left his wife and went with his daughter.

In this situation, HBO will tell the case of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow which will reveal new details of this relationship which did not end well.

Since the separation, Farrow accused Allen of sexual abuse and from there, his name was tainted by this scandalBut no one really knows what happened to the family.

A story from a different perspective

With this documentary, HBO seeks to unravel this whole story and tell the truth through documentary Allen vs. Farrow, which will tell one of the darkest passages in Hollywood.

In this documentary, various actors will analyze and relate the battle against Woody Allen, showing interviews with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow and Ronan Farrow, as well as Carly Simon, promoter Frank Maco, and other witnesses.

In the series there will be testimonies with home recordings and unpublished audios, in addition to legal documents and police evidence, so we can see this controversial case of Woody Allen from another perspective.

When is Allen V. Farrow released?

As well there will be information about what happened to 7 year old Dylan, Allen’s daughter with Mia Farrow, the custody process and Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi to date.

Allen v. Farrow, will be available on the television channel and the HBO Go platform on February 21 And here is the trailer for this docuseries:

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