“Tougher than cancer”: Adamari López on her divorce with Luis Fonsi

The host and actress Adamari López spoke about her divorce with Luis Fonsi and confessed that it was equal to or harder than her cancer diagnosis.

It should be remembered that in 2005 the Puerto Rican star was diagnosed with cancer, however, she said that she felt calm and confident about getting ahead. This was revealed in a recent interview with María Celeste Arrarás.

Facing a cancer diagnosis was a very hard blow for me, but I had the peace of mind or the faith that God was going to move me forward, that I had a battalion of people around me who was going to accompany me during this process, “he said. in his talk.

Despite the difficulty of the disease, Adamari López confessed that her divorce with the singer Luis Fonsi (with whom she was married from 2006 to 2010) was equal to or even more difficult than her cancer diagnosis.

I was able to get out of that (cancer) very well and I thought that my life was heading for beautiful things when I got divorced, a blow as or harder than the cancer diagnosis at that time.

According to the 49-year-old presenter, all the experiences she has had, from various illnesses, to her love relationships, have been necessary to grow.

They are experiences that one has to go through, face, in order to grow, mature and move on. Today I am blessed to have the family I want ”, said Adamari.

Adamari said that her faith in God as well as her positive attitude have been key to getting through all the difficult times.

Since 2011, Adamari López has married Toni Costa, with whom she has a daughter.

Here we leave you the complete interview in which Adamari López spoke about her situation.

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