Toño Mauri went into the operating room again: what did they operate on now?

Toño Mauri returned to the operating room for a surgery that could not wait and was crucial for his recovery. And although it was not a serious matter, the actor returned to the operating room to solve the problem that afflicted him after his double lung transplant.

Graciela Mauri, the actor’s sister, was the one who revealed what he was intervened with. The operation was to close the opening in his neck as a result of the tracheostomy that was performed. In a tracheostomy, doctors insert a cannula or tube to help patients breathe in an assisted way.

“The whole hole is already closed,” said the actress, too. “That was important because time had passed and it had to be closed, but it’s ready. You no longer have to do this (press your throat) to be able to speak. I think that made him very tired ”, commented Graciela Mauri to the Ventaneando program.

The singer also assured that Toño Mauri already speaks in a normal way and eats all kinds of food. He also revealed that he has gained weight, four months after his transplant.

Toño Mauri’s son shows a photograph leaving the hospital with his father

For his part, the actor’s son uploaded a photograph to his Instagram account with his father, Toño Mauri, in a wheelchair.

In the photograph, both are in the vicinity of the Health Shands Hospital of the University of Florida, where he was operated on again. In the image you can see the actor very recovered. The young man takes the opportunity to send an emotional message:

“Taking advantage of the last Gainesville walks, what an incredible Easter to be able to celebrate Jesus with @ antonio.mauri,” he wrote in his opening lines. “So much to be thankful for. We continue on the way to the goal! Now the recovery does begin ”, he says.

It seems that Mauri begins with what will be a long recovery, after the double lung transplant to which he was subjected after suffering strong post-COVID-19 sequelae.

After being hospitalized for eight months, the actor was able to return home in mid-February and now it is time to continue his rehabilitation.

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