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Toño Mauri receives double lung transplant due to COVID-19 sequelae

The actor Toño Mauri had to receive a double lung transplant for the sequelae that COVID-19 left him. The singer of 55 years He has been hospitalized for five months after contracting the virus. A few weeks ago an improvement in his state of health had already been reported but now he had to be operated on. The news of the double transplant was announced on the El Gordo y la Flaca program in Miami, Florida.

Toño Mauri’s operation lasted nine hours

The hosts of the show program, Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan detailed that the actor’s surgery lasted nine hours and so far Mauri is stable.

“Actor Toño Mauri was ill at his home in Miami in June. COVID-19 was given to the entire family. All recovered except Toño, who had to be hospitalized at Mount Sinai Hospital in the city of Miami, ”said Raúl de Molina.

After staying hospitalized five months, the actor was transferred to a hospital in Gainsville, Florida because his health condition had worsened. On Tuesday he had to undergo surgery and a double lung transplant was performed.

“This is an extremely serious operation.”

The operation is extremely serious”Said driver Raúl de Molina. Doctors Andrés Pelaéz and Thiago Machuca were the doctors in charge of the intervention, which lasted nine hours. So far they are awaiting the results of the operation.

On the other hand, the host Lili Estefan said that they knew about the hard process the actor was going through but did not want to reveal it. “The operation was a great success, everything went very well. He was awake today morningEstefan said.

Estefan stressed that both his wife and his children Karla and Toño they have not been separated from him in all these months. “His wife has passed it to his side. On two occasions they called him to tell him that maybe it wasn’t happening that night … That’s how bad Toño was. This news is a miracle ”, commented Estefan.