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Toño Mauri at home: overcame COVID and double lung transplant

The Mexican actor and singer Antonio Mauri Villariño (Toño Mauri) was discharged from the hospital after almost 8 months in which he managed to beat death from COVID-19 and its complications.

In June of last year an ordeal began for Mauri. His entire family fell ill with coronavirus and less he recovered. The feared consequences of the coronavirus affected his lungs to such an extent that in December he had to undergo delicate surgery.

The actor received a double lung transplant whose recovery was considered a miracle. His own wife, Lili Estefan, commented at the time that doctors doubted that he would overcome the difficult health situation he went through.

The good news is that after eight months Toño Mauri defeated COVID and is at home.

Toño Mauri shared his post COVID experience

At 55, Toño Mauri lived to tell the tale. In an interview with Despierta América, he said that he kept his faith to see his children again. Everything, in the midst of much uncertainty:

Every night I thought it was the last, he said.

In the interview, he thanked Dr. Juan Rivera, Univision’s correspondent physician, who was part of his recovery process.

Doctor Juan, first of all, I thank you because you were and are the person who has led me down this path. The one that helped me when we started to get to the hospital, to be treated, to be able to learn more about what was happening to me “said the notably physically affected actor.

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