Tim Burton presents Wednesday, live action of The Addams Family for Netflix

Netflix announced that its platform will Wednesday, a series live action starring the character Merlina Addams, a member of The Addams Family, a project that will be directed by Tim Burton.

It was through the Netflix Twitter account that they made the announcement with a poster in which Merlina can be seen with a knife and playing music.

Tim Burton will bring Wednesday Addams to Netflix, a live action series. Burton will also make his television directorial debut in the intriguing supernaturally infused mystery that follows Wednesday as a student at Nevermore Academy, ”they said from his Twitter account.

According to the poster shared by Netflix, the project will be directed by Tim Burton, known for projects like Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd Y Alice through the mirror, among others.

Here we leave you the Netflix publication on Twitter with which it unveiled the new project on its platform.

Tell us what you think and if you are excited about this project.

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