Tim Allen and Richard Karn talk about what it was like to reunite 22 years after the end of ‘Home Improvement’ (exclusive)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the premiere episode of Home improvement, and the stars of the show are marking the occasion with a pretty wonderful new project. Tim Allen and former co-star Richard Karn have reunited for a new reality show, and the pair are looking back to see what screen sharing is like once again.

“We are all very close,” Allen told ET’s Nischelle Turner. “I still see Richard too much boy, path too.”

“It just doesn’t feel like 30 years,” Karn added.

Allen and Karn spoke to ET on the set of their new reality competition workshop, Assembly required, in which talented manufacturers and DIYers from around the country compete head-to-head in home-building contests.

With both stars on a set that looks like the Valhalla of a tool lover, the show feels like a real-life version of their fictional show within a show. Tool time, which his characters starred in Home improvement.

“I wanted Richard to be a part of this because it seemed like an extension of the reality of what Tool time It really was, where I add more power to him, break something, he would be the side of reality, and it was a good match, “shared Allen.” This [show] it’s improvisation for 12 hours a day and I’m crazy. It’s like Al Borland and Tim Taylor. “

“Well, it’s improv with editing,” Karn explained. “Because more than half of the things we can’t even use. I don’t think America is ready for that.”

Despite being 22 years old from Home improvement came to an end, the show has a devoted and vocal fan base who still love it more than two decades after it came to an end.

“I think it resonates with the parents who grew up with it and can now show their children something that everyone can sit together and watch,” Karn reflected.

“They always celebrated the family,” Allen added, referring to the beloved. Home improvement characters. “The couple who got along raised the children.”

Home improvement fans will have the opportunity to see their Tool time Dreams come true when Allen and Karn’s new series, Assembly required, premieres Tuesday, February 23 at 10 pm ET / PT on the History Channel.


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