Thomas Rhett on his ’emotional’ song for his daughters and the most personal album yet (exclusive)

Thomas Rhett is getting ready to go on a new tour! With a new album on the way, the country singer is opening up about how his latest music is one of his most personal to date, and why he’s looking forward to touring again.

“When we get back on the road in a big way, I can’t imagine what that will be like,” Rhett shared with ET’s Cassie DiLaura. The singer, who recently announced that he will be going on tour with live performances in August, explained, “I know I’ve missed that feeling worse than most of the things I’ve missed.”

Rhett explained that having to stop performing during the tour was painful for him, as it was for most artists, and said that not being able to do shows in front of fans “feels like a part of your heart disappears for a while. minute.. “

“I think when I come back, it’s going to be amazing,” he added with a smile.

Rhett’s new album, Country again: Side A, is falling this month and the singer opened up about how he feels this album is deeply personal to him.

“There are always bits of personality on all my records, but this one sure has quite a few tracks that were pretty darn, you know, solidified in the moment of life,” shared Rhett.

One track in particular that comes close to home is “To The Guys That Date My Girls,” which Rhett explained was something of an ode to his daughters, Willa, 5, Ada, 3, and Lennon, 1, whom he shares with his wife Lauren Akins.

“I was traveling with a friend of mine from Charleston in Nashville about a year and a half ago and we were talking … about that whole father perspective, being like what would you say to that person? You say to the guy who walked up to your door “Hey, I’m here to take your daughter on a date.” Like, are you going to be the really tough dad? Are you going to be the dad who asks him for coffee? What kind of version are you going to be? Rhett mused. “This [song] it’s like a draft of a letter that felt like things a boy would need to know when you come to my house to pick up one of my daughters for the first time. “

“So it was a pretty emotional song just because you never want that day to come, but it’s inevitable,” he added.

With that said, Rhett explained that his daughters “don’t really get” the song yet, and that they “stray a bit from my more ballad-like songs anyway.”

“They want to hear only songs that are fast-paced, that make them want to dance,” Rhett said. “So we had to throw some of those in there as well.”

Rhett’s new album, Country again: Side A, comes out April 30.


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