This was the inheritance that Edith González left to her daughter

The eternal adventurer, the actress Edith gonzalez He left a great inheritance to his daughter, which was made known recently.

It was during an interview with the television program Hoy, that Víctor Manuel González, brother of actress Edith González, pointed out what his sister’s last wish was and spoke about the heritage that the Mexican star left his only daughter.

And it is that the reading of the will of the protagonist of Wild Heart, Salome and Miss Barbara it had been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it was finally revealed which was the last will of the actress, who passed away on June 13, 2019.

As revealed by Víctor Manuel, as a last will, the actress Edith González left all her assets as an inheritance to her only daughter, Constance Creel González.

She was pleased that her mother’s will is already being fulfilled and that she awaited her coming of age to be able to exercise her assets as she saw fit.

Edith made it very stipulated what should be done. The universal heiress is my niece. I am the executor, everything on wheels ”, said Víctor Manuel in this regard.

Currently the daughter of Edith gonzalez, Constanza Creel González, is 17 years old And now she has reaffirmed the love of her mother, who was always antennae to her.

For his part, Lorenzo Lazo, the actress’s widower, did not comment.

Last November Ofelia Fuentes, Edith’s mother passed away, so the family is still grieving.

Here we leave you the complete video of the statements made to the Hoy program.

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