This was the attack of a dog on José Eduardo Derbez, son of Victoria Rufo

José Eduardo Derbez, the son of Eugenio and Victoria Rufo became a trend, after he published the video of a dog attack.

Through his YouTube channel, where he has more than 1.14 million subscribers, the 28-year-old actor and driver published a video showing how a dog bites him on the arm.

In just over 19 minutes, the son of the Mexican actors showed how the meeting took place and titled the video “I put police dogs to the test. It almost went wrong!”, which already has almost 42,000 views.

Aislinn’s brother, Vadhir and Aitana Derbez he prepared himself with the help of professional coaches and protective equipment, however, shortly after the attack began, he was nervous, so someone else grabbed him from behind to give him peace of mind.

Despite this, José Eduardo Derbez asked for help so that the dog would release his arm.

We must be very careful, because there have been accidents such as loss of fingers, broken bones, etc. ”, said the Mexican actor.

Recently the name of Eduardo Derbez became a trend after his girlfriend, Paola Dalay, shared a photo with a change of look, after which she was compared with his ex-girlfriend, Bárbara Escalante.

Here we leave you the video of a dog’s attack on Jose Eduardo Derbez, he said of Victoria Rufo and Eugenio Derbez.

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