This is how Mariah Carey sings after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine

Mariah Carey sang after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine. He did it with one of his famous high notes. The star documents on his social networks at the moment before being inoculated with the first dose of the active against the coronavirus and sings at the end in celebration.

The 52-year-old singer publishes a 90-second video in which she recounts her experience with vaccination. She is both excited and nervous. He also reflects on the significance of the pandemic for everyone in the world. Carey nods to the current state of the pandemic compared to the state of a year ago. At the end of a doctor giving you the injection, she performs her iconic song.

“Side effect of the vaccine: G6 🎵,” Carey writes in her Instagram video.

In the video, the “We Belong Together” singer also makes statements to her 10 million followers. He references a video he posted with his children in March 2020, encouraging people to properly wash their hands when the pandemic was just beginning. “We are still in this battle together,” Carey said before receiving his vaccine.

Mariah Carey is one of the stars who have decided to share her vaccination

Carey is one of many celebrities asking people to get vaccinated when they can. Dolly Parton also did her thing – she got her first dose, singing a vaccine-inspired version of “Jolene.”

While Carey did not say whether he was receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, he did say that this injection was only the first part. She will be on the lookout for her second dose in three to four weeks.

In addition to Carey, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Martin, Al Roker, Amy Schumer and Dolly Parton are the celebrities who have detailed their experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine with their fans.

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