This is how Big Bird, from Sesame Street, looks and is called in all countries

In social networks, the name and appearance of “Big Bird”, the character of Plaza Sésamo, has become viral in different countries.

And it is that, some Internet users, have been surprised to discover that Big Bird has other names and other appearances, in countries like U.S, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey Y Netherlands, among others.

After various users began to talk about this on Twitter and TikTok, Big Bird himself, as he is known in the United States, decided to clarify the situation on his Twitter account.

I heard my friends on Twitter started asking about my cousins ​​around the world. It’s true, I have many bird cousins ​​in different countries. Here’s a little bit about them, ”wrote Big Bird.

Here we show you the images of what the different versions of Big Bird are called and how they look in each country. The images were taken from Big Bird’s Twitter account.

What does Big Bird look like and what is it called in other countries?

This one is easy for you to meet, because it is AbelardHe is Mexican and this was a reunion the cousins ​​had in California during a road trip.

The next one has shades other than Abelardo and Big Bird. Is about Pine tree, who lives in the Netherlands. According to Big Bird, his European cousin is younger than him, but they weigh the same.

From Turkey, Big Bird introduced Minik Kuş, who as Big Bird, is a domestic canary… Did you know this information?

The following is quite similar to Turkish, but it is about Poupas and is originally from Portugal.

Although this is not a large bird like the rest of its cousins, it has also had appearances in Sesame Street, although they are sporadic. Because of its size, it is called Little bird.

One of the characters that caught the attention of Sesame Street fans is Garibaldo, the character of Brazil.

Many pointed out that he is a scary character, but Big Bird insisted that “he’s a bit scary, but he’s one of the kindest birds.”

Although this was not mentioned by Big Bird, there is also Caponata, who is the version of Spain in Sesame Street.

Tell us if you already knew Big bird and all his cousins ​​like Abelardo in Sesame Street.

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