This is how Adidas looks in collaboration with Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny continues to develop his facet as a businessman and the singer from Puerto Rico is promoting the collection he prepares with Adidas and here we tell you what it consists of and what it looks like.

Through his Instagram account, where he has more than 30.5 million followers, the singer showed how pieces such as footwear are being carried out.

The collaboration of Bad Bunny and Adidas has different pieces like some tennis in brown colors, gray and mustard, which already moved the fans of the brand and the singer.

Currently, the collection is being promoted by influencers, such as Jaysse lopez, entrepreneur and founder of Urban Necessities.

In addition, the collection of Bad Bunny and Adidas consists of a skateboard, coffee bags, thermos, mugs and more products.

As a label, Bad Bunny included both an eye and a bunny in its products.

In social networks, people have already expressed their excitement for the launch of this collaboration, of which no details have been given of when it will be available.

As for footwear, it is about Adidas Forum, 1984, with the artist’s logo emblazoned on the tongue.

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