They steal a truck and a dog from Babo, from Cartel de Santa and that is how they caught the thief

Babo, known for being a member of the group Santa poster, was the victim of a crime, in which his truck and his dog were stolen.

However, it was revealed that the vehicle, a pickup Ford Raptor white color It was recovered a few hours later in the limits of Monterrey, Mexico, and it was reported that the alleged thief was captured by the police.

The rapper originally from Monterrey denounced the theft on Sunday afternoon, so the authorities were able to identify the unit.

The reports indicate that, upon identifying the truck, whoever was on board began to accelerate, because what was unleashed a persecution in which the municipal and state police participated.

According to authorities, the man aboard the truck was not armed and a fingerprinting and evidence collection was carried out.

As reported Eduardo Davalos, rapper known as Babo, the theft of his truck and his dog happened at his home.

The public ministry identified the man as Daniel “C”, 28 years old, who claimed to be part of the work team of “El Millonario”, whom Babo had invited to his house after having held a party.

Through his Instagram account, where he has more than 7.4 million followers, the leader of Cartel de Santa spoke with humor about what happened and uploaded a story next to his dog.

Re scared? Here comes the dog stealer, man. Fucking dog, cul * er * “, he says Babo your pet.

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