They reveal unpublished photos of Anel and José José taken during their wedding

The Mexican singer, José José, was always in the lens of all cameras and reflectors, not only because of his talent on stage, but also because of his controversial life and a passage that marked his life was his wedding with Anel.

A wedding where José José did not have a good time

Remember that Anel and José José got married in May 1976, Their union took place in Catemaco, Veracruz, where the couple celebrated their marriage and this day was not for the singer to celebrate.

A few hours before, José José had been operated on to remove his wisdom teethHe was medicated so that the discomfort would deflate and he did not have a good time during that time.

They reveal unpublished photos of Anel and José José taken during their wedding

But there is few images of the moment when José José and Anel They got married, So the ex-wife of the Mexican singer decided to reveal some images of that unforgettable moment on social networks.

In the shot, Anel wore a long dress and a turban on her head, Outfit that stood out at that time and that surely stole more than one criticism in the newspapers.

Anel responded to the criticism of the image

By the way, Anel is the universal heir of José Rómulo Sosa, for what will come some trials and follow-ups of the children of José José.

The former model accompanied one of her publications with acoverwhelming message in the face of some criticism that José José’s fans posted.

“Yes, I married José Rómulo Sosa … And I did adore the artist José José, but my family was Pepé Sosa,” says Anel on social networks.

Do you remember some other images of Anel and José José?

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