They reveal last audio of Dustin Diamond that he made before he died

Some days ago, Dustin Diamond left this world, a throat disease caused his unfortunate death and since that date, anecdotes and passages have begun to emerge about the life of the actor who gave life to “Screech” in the series “Saved By The Bell” (Saved By The Bell).

Remember that Dustin Diamond died on February 1 at the age of 44 due to lung cancer in stage four that he was diagnosed with, but left fond memories among his friends.

They reveal the last audio of Dustin Diamond (Screech) that he made before he died

For this reason your friend Dan Block shared that the actor kept his sense of humor until the last moment and despite the painful situation he faced, he found the best side to life’s situations.

In a recording shared by Dan Block, the actor is heard joking about his ailments and problems, he was never seen in a bad mood or sad.

“My throat hurts, I’m waiting for my doctors to come back,” he says at the beginning of the audio.

“When I drink my throat hurts, but as if something dripped honey on the sheet, not even on the floor, not on my jeans, that’s the five second rule … (but even) the 0.0005 second rule could kill me “Joked the interpreter.

Dustin Diamond never lost his good humor

Dustin’s friend explained that he shared the audio so that the actor’s fans could see the humor that never left the old “Screech” and that he always kept it with a smile on his face.

“He sent me that audio on Thursday, which was the last time I spoke with him, after that it was difficult for him to speak,” Dan Block explained to The Sun newspaper.

“In that audio, he is trying to clarify the situation he was in, his doctors had just told him that he had very few platelets in his blood and that the slightest scratch could cause death,” he added.

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