They reveal how Ricardo Crespo’s daughter denounced her father

After the arrest of the artist Ricardo Crespo of course sexual abuse against her daughter, a Mexican media detailed how the complaint had happened; as well as the threats that the former Garibaldi would have allegedly launched.

On February 15 the artist was arrested and a couple of days later, both he and his daughter broke the silence, she through social networks and he through a statement.

Ricardo Crespo and his daughter speak after rape accusations

However, things seem to continue their cause and the accusation would come directly from the daughter supported by her mother. And it is that according to the magazine TV Notes, Crespo threatened his daughter if she told what he did to her.

According to the information obtained by the magazine, the daughter had been abused for years; but she decided to break the silence after having been away from him and when she was about to return to his side he told his mother everything.

“It turns out that since March, when the pandemic started, the girl had not seen her dad, everything was fine, until in October her mother told her that now that the contingency de new account would see his dad, and the reaction of the girl was terrible! ”, commented the source consulted by the magazine, of whom they did not give a name.

“The little girl was terrified and told her that she no longer wanted to go with her father, she burst into tears ande recounted a series of atrocities that his own mother could not believe”, Published the magazine.

Also according to the source close to the family who spoke with the publication; Ricardo Crespo’s daughter would have revealed that his father threatened to commit suicide if he denounced him.

Ricardo Crespo assured that he is innocent of the charges

The investigations continue and the authorities will have to present evidence against the artist; who from the beginning has declared his innocence yy assured that the accusations are orchestrated by his ex-wife.

I totally don’t know why my ex-wife and presumably my daughter have denounced the inconceivable acts, “he published in his statement.

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