They recreate the famous Moe’s Tavern with everything and the super Duff beer

Who has never dreamed of being a character on The Simpsons, that animated series that through three decades has made us vibrate, laugh, cry and even reflect, due to the different themes they have in each episode.

Don’t deny it, we all have a favorite character, hoh those who love Lisa, Bart, Homer, Maggie (well, not so much) and even Nelson or Chief Gorgory, each one has its peculiarities, but it is a series that has crossed all borders.

They recreate the famous Moe’s Tavern with everything and Duff beer

It is for this reason that some fans have been commissioned to recreate from the famous family room with a television in front, to Moe’s tavern, that’s right, the famous place where Homer lives with his friends and a couple of beers every afternoon.

A fan proposed as a project to make a place identical to the one shown in the series, with the amenities, comforts and even the bathrooms.

Where is the replica of Moe’s Tavern located?

This replica is in Sayausí, Ecuador, and not only does it have an identical façade to the one we see on television, but inside it recreates the bar where Homer Simpson usually spends hours, the cabinets in the background and includes game tables to spend hours there.

The only detail that does not add up is the bar, since it is on the side of the place and not at the bottom as the place shows, but the effort of the creator is appreciated.

Details are almost identical to the animated series

Other details like the phone, the canteen, and even the iconic Moe Szyslak They welcome you to offer you a delicious cold beer.

And how could good company not be missing, Barney Gumble is also present, a drinker par excellence that is never lacking in the place.

There’s also some letters that say Springfield, as if it were Hollywood and characters from the series about the garrison; Besides that next to the tavern are the Krusty Burgers.

Who is the creator of this place?

Junior Jara, creator of the place, assured that the idea comes from a trip he had to the United States, and that it was inspired so that the replicas of the places were identical to how they are seen in the animation.

Best of all, they also serve Duff beer, which is already a trademark of a famous brewing company and now you can recreate any moment of your favorite series in Moe’s Tavern.

Would you like to drink at this Moe’s Tavern in Ecuador?

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