They point to the actor Gonzalo Peña as an accessory to rape through #JusticiaParaDanny

In social networks the name of Gonzalo Pena and is that the Televisa actor has been identified as an accessory to rape through a video that circulates on social networks with the hashtag #JusticeForDanny.

Through a video, the actress Danny denounced that he was a victim of rape by Eduardo Ojeda, during a trip to Acapulco, however He pointed out that Gonzalo Peña witnessed the rape and did nothing to prevent it.

According to what was narrated in the video, which was originally published on Instagram, the events took place on March 14 of last year.

After entering her room, Danny was followed to her room, where she was touched by Eduardo Ojeda and Gonzalo Peña against her will.

According to the actress and host, Eduardo raped her while Gonzalo Peña was in the same room, despite the multiple times that Danny said no.

The hashtag #JusticiaParaDanny began to circulate in networks because Danny said that she filed the complaint of the violation immediately, the next day, however, a year after having filed the complaint against both Gonzalo Peña and Eduardo Ojeda, they are still free.

Likewise, Daniela expressed that the video is her last resort to ask for justice and express her fear, since Gonzalo Peña continues to send her messages and now he even started writing to his sister.

I tell you, Gonzalo: I don’t understand why you keep looking for me, I don’t understand why you are looking for my sister now. I don’t understand why if you saw that they were raping me, you didn’t help me, I don’t understand, I won’t understand, but I want you to know that I forgive you. In the messages you ask me for forgiveness, here is the answer, I forgive you, but you are an accessory to my violation and the complaint is also made for you ”, emphasized the actress.

In social networks, in addition, users have been asked to change their profile image to demand #JusticiaParaDanny for the acts of Eduardo Ojeda and Gonzalo Peña.

Here we leave you the videos in which the actress explained what happened and in which she asks for justice.

Who is Gonzalo Peña?

Gonzalo Peña is a actor from Spain, born on June 3, 1989, however, lives in Mexico.

Pain studied at CEA, the school by Televisa, and after graduating he has participated in novels such as The Malquerida, which starred Victoria Ruffo.

Also, Gonzalo Peña was part of the cast Before Dead than Lichita, The Hotel of Secrets, Wake, Falling in love with Ramón, Daughters of the Moon and is currently in What Happens to my Family?

On social networks like Instagram, Gonzalo Peña has almost 300 thousand followers.

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