They criticize Christian Nodal for giving Belinda a slap

Although many times it seems like a perfect relationship, sometimes it is not and, recently, Christian Nodal was criticized for giving Belinda a slap.

The Mexican singer bought a cake from Nodal to celebrate the 45 million reproductions of her song “Botella Tras Botella”.

The couple is currently in Spain, where Belinda is recording a series for Netflix.

During one of their breaks, the performers went out to eat and Belinda surprised Nodal with a cake.

However, Christian Nodal slapped Belinda, for which he has been criticized.

Can you believe that it is his cake, celebration of his 45 million and he does this to me? Does it seem normal to you? ”, Belinda narrated in her Instagram stories.

The video unleashed several criticisms from the followers of the singers.

“Oh no, how crazy so silly”, “Of course you can tell she’s upset, how bad you looked, Nodal”, were some of the comments from her fans.

However, there were also those who defended the relationship of Christian Nodal and Belinda and saw the act as a joke.

Here we leave you the video. Tell us what you think.

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