They create a cartoon of Jenni Rivera and present Motivos, her new song

The family of The Diva of the Band She hopes that the singer will continue to gain new followers and for this they created a Jenni Rivera cartoon for the children to know and present Motivos, the new song of the interpreter who died in 2012.

Yes, Jenni Rivera will continue singing even after her death and garnering more followers, because before she died, she recorded some songs.

The song, which was released by the Spanish José Domingo, was one of Jenni Rivera’s favorites and was released with the voice of The big lady in two versions: banda and mariachi.

This, as part of his new song Motivos, whose video was directed by Lino Quintana and Marlon Villar.

The video begins with Rosa Saavedra, Jenni Rivera’s mother, who opens a book to tell her daughter’s story to her grandchildren.

In the pictures you can see how Jenni lived with her family, how she worked in a store and then began her career as an artist.

The cartoon also shows Jenni Rivera singing on small stages and selling her own cassettes until her rise to stardom and all the scandals she experienced.

The idea is to introduce Jenni to the new generations. We wanted to create a story that was easy for the children to understand, that’s why we included the image of the grandchildren, ”Quintana told Billboard.

The video for Motivos, Jenni Rivera’s new song, also talks about the singer’s plane crash in which she died in 2012.

If you haven’t heard it yet, here is the video for Motivos, the new song by Jenni Rivera in which it appears as a caricature.

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