They assassinate the vocalist of Zona Rika; authorities started investigations

Violence continues to rise in and around Mexico City, Despite the Pandemic, crime rates do not drop and there are dozens of cases that occur daily in the largest city in the world.

Rest in peace! They assassinate the vocalist of Zona Rika; authorities started investigations

Now, An unfortunate event occurred in the State of Mexico on Friday night, after the vocalist of the group Zona Rika was assassinated by a man who shot several times with a firearm.

Jaime Cruz Pastrana, alias “Jimmy”, is the vocalist of a merengue group called Zona Rika and had several successes that were heard for several years on radio and TV channels.

How the events occurred in Edomex

According to the reports, the victim left a home when he was attacked by subjects aboard a motorcycle that they shot him at least 15 times and then fled.

To the place, elements of the police arrived who cordoned off the area awaiting the work of experts to raise the investigation folder for the crime of qualified homicide and identification of the body by family members.

it is unknown the crime motive

Up to now the motive of the crime is unknown, Therefore, the first inquiries are being made to find those responsible and they are tracking the cameras that were in place to capture the facts.

They mourn the death of Jaime Cruz Pastrana

Some groups like Sonora Santanera de Carlos Colorado joined in condolences for the murder of Jimmy Cruz, In addition, he mentioned that on February 14 they had met with the singer of Zona Rika.

“We regret the death of a great fellow musician and friend Jimmy Cruz, the vocalist of Zona Rika Cruz, this February 14 we had a recording together and it is very sad to know this kind of news, we will always remember you with that big smile and your great enthusiasm and love of music ”, expressed the group on social networks.

“We want to send our condolences, support and a fraternal hug to his brother Gustavo Cruz and his entire family, as well as to the comrades of Zona Rika. God give them a lot of strength and light so that they have a quick resignation ”, he added.

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