They assassinate the singer of corridos Alex Quintero in full presentation

The singer Alex Quintero, who was focused on singing corridos, was assassinated this weekend in full performance at a private party in Sonora.

According to the authorities, the 22-year-old was hired for a private celebration in the Casa Blanca subdivision, in Cajeme, Sonora. However, late in the morning (4:00 am), he entered the residence and shot the singer.

Alex Quintero received several bullets, so he was immediately taken to a hospital by people who were in the place, but died due to the severity of the injuries.

Elements of the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) and agents of the State Attorney General’s Office arrived at the scene to begin the investigation, as well as to collect evidence.

Alex Quintero was a singer of Obregon, Sonora; among his most famous songs are I’m not going to crack, I want to tell you and the manager.