They accuse Raúl De Molina of harassment in the program of “El Gordo y La Flaca”

The famous conductor Raul De Molina, was accused by the singer Virggi Lopez of having touched her when she was invited to the program of “The fat and the skinny” 15 years ago.

As told in the program “Gossip No Like”, when he participated in the program they told him that he had to enter the famous “Jacuzzi del Gordo”. She agreed, but it was a very awkward moment.

MI stay in a bikini, I go into the jacuzzi and I innocent … because you are not going to imagine that a person wants to create an uncomfortable situation live and it turned out that the man begins to put his hand under the water, to grab my bubbles“Commented the singer.

However, at the time the singer did not say anything, because she knew that this could have consequences for her newly started career.

“You are starting, you can’t say anything, you can’t stop the ‘live’, you have to smile… (He did it) three times, live! “

But the Venezuelan artist was not the only one who accused Raúl De Molina of inappropriate touching, as Lucia Mendez He also pointed out that on one occasion she was touched by “Gordo” in a program, arguing that “it was a joke” and offered an apology.

“The moment he grabbed my bubbles, I’m honest, I didn’t do anything, but then I said, ‘why so commanded? What’s up Gordo? I don’t get along like that ‘,’ no, it’s a joke, ‘he told me. I got very angry, very upset and it was going to show me… and she said ‘oh no, forgive me Lucia, it was a joke’ ”.

Chain Univisión, assured that it will review the comments of the two artists and will analyze the subject. While Raúl de Molina has not given any statement in this regard.