They accuse Lele Pons and Guaynaa of mistreating crocodile on video, PETA denounces them

A few days ago, through TikTok and their Instagram stories, the singers and partner Lele Pons and Guaynaa shared a video in which they appear swimming with a crocodile, so have been accused of animal abuse and even PETA Latino called on them.

In the images, we can see the young couple in a pool in Miami, Florida, but accompanied by a crocodile.

Through social networks they criticized that internet stars lived with wild animals, in addition to having it in a pool and with its muzzle tied.

In the video, which has already been removed from the singers’ social networks, Lele Pons could first be seen swimming, while Guaynaa warned him that there was a crocodile behind her, as a joke.

While in another video they appeared swimming next to the animal and in one more shot you could see Lele with the crocodile with the taped snout.

In addition to angering his followers, Lele Pons and Guaynaa caught the attention of PETA Latino, institution that asked them to stop exploiting wild animals to get likes.

This advertising strategy is not entertainment, it is animal abuse. PETA Latino urged Lele Pons to leave the vulnerable reptiles alone after the last time he posed with a wild animal, but it is clear that he cannot find another way to attract attention without doing things like exploiting sensitive crocodiles, ”he denounced PETA Latino in a statement on their social networks.

Among PETA’s remarks is that crocodiles can experience severe stress from being handled by humans and placed in environments that are not natural for them.

Pons must begin to earn more “likes” on Instagram with creativity, not cruelty and, if he cannot do it, he should find a new job immediately, “he said. PETA.

Guaynaa apologizes for the video of Lele Pons with a crocodile

After becoming a trend and being singled out for animal abuse on social networks, the artists removed all related content on their social networks, however, the only one who has spoken about it has been Guaynaa.

Mau and Ricky were also on the trip to Miamias well as the model Stefania roitman, who tried to defend Lele by saying that the reptile had its snout tied to their safety, which only further enraged the fans.

For his part, Guaynaa apologized and said that they did not explain that the pool had a special treatment so as not to harm the crocodile and emphasized that neither he nor Lele are abusers of animals.

Here we leave you some images and part of the video that Lele Pons uploaded with the crocodile. Tell us what you think.

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