They accuse Christian Chávez of infecting HIV. He says, “ENOUGH the bullying!”

Christian Chávez, a former member of RBD, is accused of allegedly infecting an escort with HIV. Abyssal Sosa, a former sexual partner of the artist reveals this information to the Ventaneando Program. He also says that he has already filed a lawsuit against the singer and actor for the alleged contagion.

According to Sosa, it was an old Chavez partner who warned that the former RBD was HIV positive and that he did not take care of himself.

He was aware that he was a carrier of a disease. His responsibility was to have told me or simply to protect himself and me, ”said the 35-year-old in an interview with Ventaneando.

Abisay Sosa says that she met the artist in 2006 and they met again through a dating app.

Christian Chavez breaks the silence and says: “Enough of misinforming and antagonizing”

After the alleged accusations, Chavez posts a heartfelt message on his Instagram account. In the message ask stop bullying, misinformation and stigma people because of their sexuality.

“Enough of harassing people, of wanting to push them to the limit for a note. Enough of misinforming and antagonizing zero positive people and HIV in the media, “said the singer.

“Enough of the hatred and repudiation that only generates a greater stigma for my sexuality, and that of millions of people. I am determined to join this fight for correct communication and for end homophobia in the media”Continues his message.

Chavez reveals that he has been accused and accused of selling notes and magazines to profit. The former RBD assures that he has gone through very difficult times with his family, but in his lonely moments he has been able to reflect and strengthen himself.

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