The Weeknd inspires instant memes after the Super Bowl LV halftime show – see the reactions

The Weeknd’s highly anticipated 2021 Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show definitely got a lot of reaction on social media.

The 30-year-old singer performed all of his biggest hits during halftime, including “Starboy,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Sorry Coming”, Call My Name, “Save Your Tears.” “Blinding Lights” and plus. He had no special guests, and prior to the performance, he said that he spent $ 7 million of his own money to make the show live up to his standards.

Some viewers wondered where the money went.

Of course, others loved the performance and praised The Weeknd’s voice, as well as his artistic vision.

But social networks did not tire of the masks made with bandages that the dancers wore.

“The importance of all head wrapping is reflected in the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrities and people who manipulate themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated,” said The Weeknd. Variety before his big performance.

A highlight of the performance was The Weeknd’s dizzying camera work as he performed “I Can’t Feel My Face,” which lent itself to instant memes.

Meanwhile, many fans pointed out that it is a challenging time to put on a halftime show.

“Everyone, it’s a pandemic! Be nice,” wrote one Twitter user. “Let’s see how you plan and act on the next halftime show. Keep on @theweeknd! I still love your music. Come with the masked men anytime. #SuperBowl.”

At a press conference prior to the presentation, The Weeknd noted: “I don’t like feeding the audience. Hopefully, they can grasp some of their own theories and conclusions about what the show is saying and the story I’m telling from the acting “.


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