The Weeknd confirmed that there will be no more guests for Super Bowl LV

A few days ago, a rumor emerged on social media that The Weeknd could be joined on the Super Bowl LV Halftime show by other artists like Daft Punk, Ariana Grande or Kendrick Lamar.

This because the French duo has collaborated with the singer on songs like “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming”, while the rapper did the same with “Pray For Me”. For her part, Ariana has worked with The Weeknd on the tracks “Love Me Harder” and “Off The Table”.

The rumor started on social media

Some users on social networks confused the release of their hit album called “The Highlights,” which has his best songs, with a possible Super Bowl LV setlist.

But, a setlist is not the same as a tracklist, and that is precisely what he placed The Weeknd on its official page, to promote the new hits album.

The Weeknd confirmed that there will be no more guests for Super Bowl LV

Faced with this panorama of uncertainty, fans and the media wanted to know if there would be any other artist invited to the Halftime show, that day finally arrived and The Weeknd spoke on this topic.

“I’ve been reading a lot of rumors… I wouldn’t bet on that,” he said in an interview with host Kay Adams for the NFL Network.

The Canadian-born composer with Ethiopian roots released in 2020 “After Hours”, an album that presents the story of a character in a red suit and who has adventures of all kinds, from parties, beatings, murder and even rebirth.

The Weeknd would return to the plot of his character in “After Hours”

The Weeknd’s latest performances as at the 2020 American Music Awards we saw the subject with various bandages on his face, which he removed in the video for “Save Your Tears”, revealing cosmetic surgery.

It is not known for sure what the halftime show will be like, but many bet that he will have an outfit similar to the one he used on the album “After Hours”

Apparently, The Weeknd will return to the plot of this character for the Super Bowl halftime show and that would have influenced that musical guests were not included.

“There was no room to fit it into the narrative, into the story that he was telling in acting. So there are no special guests, “commented Kay Adams in the talk.

Prior to The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus to open Super Bowl with a special presentation and today it will be Green Day at the VIrtual NFL Honors.

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