‘The Voice’: Snoop Dogg is the mega mentor of season 20!

The voice has named his season 20 Mega Mentor!

Rap legend Snoop Dogg will join the singing competition program this season, helping trainers Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas coach their artists as they compete in the knockout rounds, starting April 19. .

Snoop is the first rapper to serve as a mentor on The voice, And, as a producer and performer, he will offer a new perspective as a Mega Mentor during Knockouts, in which artists are paired once again with a teammate, but select their own song to perform individually.

It will also help train the four saved singers during the battle rounds as they prepare for the 4-Way Knockout, competing for last place in the live shows. Voice Results coverage to keep track of all your favorite singers from season 20.

What The voice kicked off its 20th season earlier this year, celebrating 10 years on the air, ET sat down with the coaches, who noted that there is still something exciting about the show’s “captivating” blind audition process that fans love to see. .

“It’s all about talent and not aesthetics, right from the start,” Kelly explained. “It’s a really interesting thing to hear something and be moved by it and turn around and say, ‘What ?!'”

In fact, the artist and talk show host shared that the Blinds from season 20 “were my favorite Blinds to film. It was so much fun. I literally kept coming home, thinking on my way home, ‘I can’t believe I’m getting paid. for going and hanging out and it’s a lot of fun. ‘

“We are so fortunate to be able to do what we love to do and we are so fortunate to have art as such as an outlet for us creatively and emotionally,” said John, also sharing his gratitude for the team that does his work. production is a possibility amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s not just a job, because we really enjoy doing it. It’s fun to be with our co-workers and we can make music with people who have dreams and are inspired and that’s exciting.”

The voice airs Mondays at 8 pm PT / ET on NBC. See more of the upcoming season in the video below!


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