‘The Voice’: Snoop Dogg Is Ready To Collaborate With Blake Shelton (Exclusive)

The singers of The voice Season 20 is about to learn some lessons from Tha Doggfather himself!

Snoop Dogg is this season’s mega mentor, debuting during the knockout rounds on Monday to help coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas coach their team members for one final round before the start of the live shows from season 20.

“The element of surprise is when you come in and you see Snoop Dogg sitting in the chair,” the rapper told ET’s Kevin Frazier about his debut as the first rapper to serve as a celebrity mentor at NBC’s singing competition. “I know that if I were a young aspiring songwriter or singer, it would probably baffle me, but then I would pull myself together to show you that’s why I’m here.”

In fact, composing themselves is one of the things Snoop recalled noticing from the singers of season 20, recalling that he had to emphasize the importance of “stage presence” for some of the talented artists.

“You could have a great set of voices, but if you don’t have a stage presence, you’re just a vocalist,” he explained. “A lot of that time has to be spent making sure you have a stage presence. Even if you don’t dance, make sure you have some kind of movement that you know gives you body language while you’re performing. A lot of artists don’t pay attention to that.”

Snoop is underdog when it comes to remembering his time with coaches and singers from season 20, noting that while John and Kelly have strong teams, Nick and Blake have “some heavy hitters” who could mix things up. “It’s just a question of whether they take that information that they got and use it for their bottom line,” he said.

“It’s hard to say which team I like to work with the most, because there is a lot of talent within each team,” he added. “I think every team has some unique singers and some unique artists that could possibly top the show. I know only one person is going to win, but it seems like there are about six or seven record deals here.”

He did have an interesting perspective on each of the season 20 coaches though, and broke it all down for fans like only Snoop can.

“Blake is like Snoop Dogg,” he laughed. “If we had been in school together, the two of us would have been suspended, class clowns, throwing things at the other students. As if he was one of my boys … I can’t look at each other and say it, but once we started to Go out and do our thing, it was life, man, everyone acts like they’ve known each other for 20, 30 years. “

As for Kelly, Snoop noted that she is more like the “teacher” who might have been trying to keep him and Blake at bay. “She is very informative in giving her information and she wants her team to really know why she is giving this information and how she can help them,” he explained, noting that the american idol The winner goes “deep” with her team members. “He trains his players to perfection, to make sure they know that’s why they need to do this.”

Nick returned to the The voice for his second attempt at victory in season 20, and Snoop noted that his youth and enthusiasm make him an interesting threat on the coaching panel.

“Nick is like the player-coach,” he explained. “Many of these singers who come here are closer to him, in terms of being his partner, than any other [coach] on the show, so he’s like a player-coach who can help his team and be smart enough to know what’s hot right now and what’s good in the past. “

As for John? Snoop could only call it a “musical masterpiece”.

“He fast, fast, firm, he says what he wants to say,” he praised. “His players know what they expected to do, and he goes in and out … If you listen to his music, you realize that he is a professional because he only makes music that makes you cry, wants to have a baby, get married or stay together.”

As for which coach he would like to collaborate with musically next (he and John have already worked together, on “I Can Change,” from John’s 2004 debut album, To be lifted), Snoop had to admit that, “I think Blake and I would make a monster jam.”

“Get a bunch of her favorite things to drink and get a bunch of my favorite things to do and hello!” The river. “It can happen, man, I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“I think Blake is in Los Angeles right now, his wife is from Orange County,” added the rapper, mockingly referring to Blake’s engagement to the ex. Voice coach and prominent California girl Gwen Stefani. “So I’m pretty sure they will move this way.”

See more of Snoop in The voiceKnockout Rounds, airing Mondays at 8 pm ET / PT on NBC.


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