‘The Voice’: Keegan Ferrell and Jordan Matthew Young’s epic battle leads to surprise robbery

Blake Shelton had a tough battle on his hands on Monday The voice!

During the second week of the Battle Rounds, the country star pitted Keegan Ferrell and Jordan Matthew Young against each other in a duet duet of Train’s “Calling All Angels.”

The two are very different performers: Keegan is a 21-year-old promising music producer with crystal clear tone, while Jordan is a 35-year-old touring musician with a distinctive gravel to his voice.

“Keegan is a guy that, to him, music is second nature, acting is maybe something different,” Blake said of the confrontation. “The other side of that coin is Jordan, who has spent the last 10 years in bars or wherever you are playing.”

Both John Legend and Nick Jonas, as well as Kelsea Ballerini, who replaces Kelly Clarkson during battle rounds, praised Jordan’s undeniably cool vibe and gritty voice, as well as Keegan’s dizzying style, but while Nick leaned more towards Jordan, John said he thought Keegan’s voice was “flawless.”

When it came to his coach, Blake had nothing but praise for the couple. “You guys sounded amazing together. And the reason for that is you put in the work. I know you did,” he enthused. “At the end of the day, they both had incredible performances and I couldn’t be happier.”

Ultimately, however, Blake had to make a decision and chose Jordan to continue through the knockout rounds. That was good news for Nick, who pressed his button to bring Keegan back to his team.

“Knowing that you love music production tells me that you are a hard worker,” he told the surprised singer. “Let’s do it!”

“I did what I call ‘Blake Shelton misdirection,'” Nick joked after the robbery. “I made it clear that I would go after Jordan to get [Blake] commit to that, so that I could execute my real plan, which was to rob Keegan. “

As they prepare for the knockout rounds, the rest Voice Singers will get some performance tips from Season 20 Mega Mentor: Snoop Dogg!

The legendary rapper was announced as this season’s superstar guest for the Knockouts last week, telling ET that he had a great time sharing his knowledge of the music industry with aspiring stars.

“There is a lot of talent within each team,” Snoop said before the surprise announcement. “The element of surprise is when you come and see Snoop Dogg sitting in the chair … If I was a young aspiring songwriter or singer, I’d probably get confused, but then I’d compose myself to show you that that’s why I’m here.”

“I think each team has some unique singers and some unique artists that could possibly top the show,” he added. “I know only one person is going to win, but it seems like there are six or seven [possible] record deals here. “

The voice airs Mondays at 8 pm PT / ET on NBC. Check out more of season 20 in the video below!


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