‘The Voice’: Cam Anthony’s supernatural take on ‘Feeling Good’ turns John Legend into ‘Jealous’

Cam Anthony’s performance in The voices The last night of knockout rounds was so good that John Legend questioned himself!

Blake Shelton pitted the 19-year-old singer against Connor Christian for his team’s final showdown before the season 20 live shows, but Cam proved he was in a world of his own when he took the stage for his rendition of “Feeling Good, “singing the version of the song made famous by the legendary Nina Simone.

“The main thing about this round was finding something that I could get lost in,” Cam said during rehearsals. “If you look at Nina Simone when she’s performing that song, she’s literally left the scene, and it’s like channeling through it.”

The coaches were, in fact, impressed by Cam’s performance, and Nick Jonas praised the unique performance as “flawless and creative … It seems like you touched something from another world.”

And John Legend couldn’t help but compare himself to Cam. “I just sang that song, at a very important moment in my life, at the inauguration,” he said. “What I loved about your performance is that I heard something that I was jealous of, that you did, that I never would have thought to do.”

“I really believe in you,” she added, lamenting the fact that Nick stopped her from getting Cam during the Blind Auditions. “I think you have the ability to be a true artist, beyond this show, beyond anything.”

As for Cam’s trainer, it was a no-brainer to declare him the Knockout winner and send him to live shows. “You have a gift and I am very happy for you,” praised Blake.

In addition to their trainers, Season 20 artists had additional input during the knockout rounds of this season’s Mega Mentor: Snoop Dogg! ET spoke with Snoop ahead of his epic reveal, and the legendary rapper shared how excited he was to help train up-and-coming singers and impart his own wisdom and expertise to hopeful stars. But, even though he had his own thoughts on each of the coaches, Snoop had no favorites!

“It’s hard to say which team I like to work with the most, because there is a lot of talent within each team,” he marveled. “Every team has some unique singers and some unique artists that could possibly top the show. I know only one person is going to win, but it seems like there are about six or seven record deals here.”

See more in the video below. The voice airs Mondays at 8 pm PT / ET on NBC.