The time Vicente Fernández and Jenni Rivera kissed and sang together

The singer Vicente Fernández has just turned 81 years old and, to celebrate it, we remember one of the moments in his career, when he sang with Jenni Rivera and, in addition, they kissed on stage.

According to Vicente Fernández, he and the California-born star met at a palenque, however, one of the most memorable encounters happened at the Universal Amphitheater, California, United States, later known as the Gibson Amphitheater.

In his book Unwavering, Jenni Rivera recounted one of the most important moments of her career when, in 2001, she went to a concert by “Chente” and the interpreter of “How strange is it?” Y “The king” invited her on stage to sing.

According to Jenni, she went to her concerts every year, because her whole family was a fan of Charro de Huentitán and on that occasion, as she walked to her seat, people began to applaud her.

Noticing this, Vicente Fernández invited Jenni to come on stage to sing and interpret “For a love”, as narrated by the singer in her autobiography.

However, that was not the only time that Jenni Rivera and Vicente Fernández shared the stage, because a decade ago, as recorded in a YouTube video, the singer kissed the interpreter, before she sang “Black pigeon”.

This also happened at the Gibson Amphitheater and was recorded thanks to the user @larabetty. Here we leave you the moment when Vicente Fernández and Jenni Rivera They kissed and, in the end, they sang together.

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