The time Chabelo slapped Cantinflas

This week the actor and conductor Chabelo turned 86 years old and with this comedian memes have resurfaced, but also moments difficult to forget, such as the time Chabelo slapped Cantinflas.

This happened when Chabelo, whose real name is Xavier López Rodríguez, filmed the movie with Mario Moreno The Extra.

Although it was starring Mario Moreno and Alma Delia Fuentes there is a scene in which Chabelo appears, in the role of “Panchito”.

Cantinflas seeks to defend the brothers of Rosita de Chabelo, who wants to beat them. When Chabelo arrives at the house to attack them, Cantinflas is surprised by the size of the “child”.

It should be remembered that Chabelo measures around 1.92 meters, while Cantinflas measured 1.73 meters.

Chabelo starts to cry, because he narrates that his bicycle was broken, to which Cantinflas tells him: “Do not cry, do not cry, do not be silly, it will be fixed, it was a transitory accident, as they say, traffic accident, do not get chipil. Don’t cry, don’t cry, be a man, be a little man ”Cantinflas tells him.

That was the moment when Chabelo slapped Cantinflas, after answering “Yes, I’m a little man.”, because in addition, Cantinflas had also given a light slap to Chabelo.

According to Xavier López Rodríguez, the whole scene was improvised and after they finished recording it, they asked him not to touch Mario Moreno, however, the first actor defended the young man and told them to leave him.

Here we leave you the scene from El Extra, which premiered in 1962 and where Chabelo slapped Cantinflas.

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