The spinoff of ‘NCIS’ Hawaii in the works on CBS

There may be a new NCIS coming to television.

CBS is developing a third NCIS spinoff series, this time moving the stock to Hawaii, ET can confirm.

If the potential series moves forward, it would mark the fourth show in the franchise, along with the flagship series and its ramifications. NCIS: Los Angeles Y NCIS: New Orleans.

CBS declined to comment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,NCIS: NOLA Showrunner Chris Silber would also headline the Hawaii spinoff, which comes from CBS TV Studios.

NCIS, one of CBS’s biggest international hits and the most watched series on television, it’s a spinoff of TIP and introduced several key characters, including Mark Harmon’s Jethro Gibbs, in a two-episode arc in 2003. The flagship series, currently in its 18th season, later spun off. NCIS: LA in 2009, which is in its twelfth season, and NCIS: NOLA in 2014, which is currently in its seventh. (Previous TIP stars David James Elliott and Catherine Bell met briefly in NCIS: LA in 2019.)

The news of another NCIS The spin-off comes after the flagship series revealed the tragic fate of one of its characters in its latest episode.

For more information on the franchise, see below.

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