The Rock to give away $ 1 million worth of guacamole on May 5

What better to celebrate May 5 in the United States what tequila and guacamole; at least that’s the actor’s idea Dwayne johnson, better known as “The Rock”, who announced that will give away 1 million dollars in the food prepared with avocado.

And it is that in the American Union, May 5 is usually celebrated as a very Mexican day, so Jhonson could not find a better date to do this promotion. And it is that in social networks The Rock announced that it would give away thousands of servings of guacamole to those who bought its brand of tequila called Teremana (spirit of the earth), which takes two years.

This drink is made in Mexico and since the first quarter of 2020 it has already been imported to the United States since then.

Now, The Rock will have the peculiar way to promote its product with guacamole, which will be delivered in New York and California; where he will distribute the portions between May 1 and 5 in different stores that sell the drink.

It should be remembered that the price of tequila from The Rock has a cost of between $ 30 and $ 33 per bottle.

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