The reason why Paulina Rubio did not receive COVID-19 vaccine in the US

The Vaccination process continues in the US by leaps and boundsToday, at least a third of the population in the country already has a dose and the figure is expected to increase over the months.

In addition to vaccination centers, some pharmacies are already licensed to inoculate the COVID-19 vaccine, a situation that various foreigners have taken advantage of to receive the doses.

This has made it easier for many famous people travel to the United States to receive a vaccine, such as the sounded case of Pepillo Origel, who boasted on social networks to obtain both doses to get rid of COVID-19 in Miami.

Paulina Rubio applied a Pepillo Origel in the US to get vaccinated

Now, Paulina Rubio also decided to travel to the United States to receive a vaccine against COVID-19 and made an appointment at a CVS pharmacy, but due to carelessness and inattention, this did not happen.

According to reports, Paulina Rubio went to a pharmacy at 7400 Collins Ave, in Miami Beach, where one of his assistants was formed to wait for the turn of the “Golden Girl”.

The reason why Paulina Rubio did not receive a vaccine against COVID-19 in the US

When it was finally his turn to Paulina Rubio, the 49-year-old girl made an appearance, but could not get vaccinated, since the appointment was for another branch of that chain of pharmacies.

Due to this error, Paulina Rubio came out upset and strongly reprimanded her assistant by mistake and later went to receive the vaccine at the branch that corresponded to him.

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